Why red dot sights are great for beginners

Good accurate shooting is a combination of shooter, gun, ammunition and sighting system working in harmony. Just one of them off can drastically affect your shooting efficiency. A scope or optic not perfectly aligned even by a small degree can throw off any shooter regardless of experience. Scope adjustment can be too much especially for beginners who just want to shoot without fuss. For this, they need sights easy enough to operate. This is where the red dot scope come in handy.



red dot scope



Ease of use


Red dot sights are fairly simple optics that operate pretty straightforwardly. They project a red dot on a curved where you look through. This red dot is a reflection of an LED light bounced off a glass surface. This glass surface is coated by a special material that reflects red light only. The effect makes it seem like the dot comes from far away. This reduces eye strain normally experienced on other sight systems.


You simply point the red dot on to where you want to shoot and pull the trigger. This is perfect for newbies as they can shoot easily without fumbling on aligning sights as with irons. This makes for good quick shooting too. This is crucial for situations where you need a quick target acquisition like in hunting.




Red dot scopes are 1x optics meaning they have no magnification. Because of this, they are mainly used in close to mid-range shooting. However, recent advancements in technology made them even more flexible. Most can be fitted with magnifiers and even night vision for greater versatility. Some are even small enough to be fitted in smaller handguns and sidearms.


Newer models perform quite well even in bright as well as low light conditions. New LED technology, as well as better reflective coating, has increased the performance of these red dot scopes. With many setups used in almost any lighting condition with minimal to no adjustments needed.


Another key feature that makes this sighting system significantly more versatile, is the fact that they fit on almost any firearm. They are pretty easy to install too as they would easily attach on most rifle mounts on almost any firearm. A red dot on an AR can also work perfectly well on a shotgun and vice versa.


Hassle-free maintenance


These scopes, like the red dot Vortex scope, are pretty easy to maintain too. The low power LED consumes very tiny power. The recent advancements in technology and efficiency have also significantly increased battery life. With many setups not needing to be turned off. Cleaning is also a breeze eliminating the use of fuchs greases or any other lubricants.


The overall robust design and the quality of materials used have also improved since their invention in the ’70s. The glass’s reflectivity and clarity have seen improvements over the decades too.


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