How to spot problems in your car’s air conditioning system

Your vehicle’s air conditioning system is an essential feature that helps keep the temperature inside your car at comfortable levels. However, it’s also one of the parts of your vehicle that gets easily damaged and worn out because of frequent usage. So, when it starts to fail in providing you with the right temperature, you must have it checked and repaired as soon as possible. One of the mechanics at can help you determine the root cause of the problem.



Here are some signs that your car’s air conditioning system needs to be checked right away.


Leaking dashboard


One of the possible signs of a leaking dashboard is when there is visible water stain on your mat. This could indicate that your hose is clogged, preventing it from sipping the water out. Moisture and age can cause leaks on an air conditioning system. If left unchecked, this can also damage the other components of your car. So, it needs immediate fixing.


Weak airflow


Weak airflow can indicate that there is a problem with the blower or the air vents. Some of the possible causes of this include loose blower hose, accumulated mildew or mould in the evaporator core, or fried ventilation fan.


Air not as cold as it used to


When your car’s air conditioning starts to lose its ability to provide cool temperature, it may be due to lack of refrigerant. Other possible reasons include clogged refrigerant charging hose or expansion tube, broken blower motor, broken compressor, damaged evaporator or condenser, or failed switch or fuse.


A leaking refrigerant could be another reason why your air conditioning system is no longer able to keep your car cool. This happens when the rubber seals and hoses lose their elasticity due to wear and tear, allowing the refrigerant to leak.


This may require small maintenance or major repair, depending on the cause and extent of the problem. An experienced mechanic at Mansfield Motors will be able to help determine the cause and fix your car’s air conditioning unit.


Strange noises


A well-performing car air conditioning unit is relatively quiet. So, weird noises coming from it is a sure sign that something is wrong. This could be caused by debris trapped in the fan, or it could indicate that you have a broken condenser or fan belt. Whatever the reason is, you shouldn’t ignore this as it could be a symptom of a more severe problem.


Foul odour


Another sure sign that your air conditioning system has a problem is when it starts emitting a foul odour. This could mean that the cabin air filter of your air conditioner is dirty or worn out. The solution can be as simple as cleaning it up. In some cases, a replacement may be necessary. To prevent long-term damage to the air conditioning unit, you need to change your air cabin filters regularly. This will also help lessen your fuel consumption.


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