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Construction and design tips in fireproofing your establishment

Fire can suddenly turn a fabulous building into a charred pile of debris. This could happen because of different causes, such as wildfires, neighbourhood accidents or mishaps inside an establishment. But whatever the reason is, you want to keep the fire away from your office for you, your employees and your property’s safety. That is why you should know how to build and design a fireproof home or ask experts from to check your property.



Keep your company building safe from fire with these essential points

The idea of fireproofing is to ensure that fire will not start from the inside. It’s also about stopping the fire efficiently, preventing it from spreading easily and helping people escape when necessary. It’s about applying fireproofing features on your property, whether through new construction or renovation projects. This can complement the guide about what you should and should not do before and during a fire.

Use fireproof materials to protect your property

In building your establishment, be sure to use fireproof materials such as concrete panels and steel frames. Flammable materials, such as plywood, can increase the risk of your building burning down completely. Moreover, consider installing double glazed window panes. This is to prevent the fire from coming in or out of your property.

Keep electrical wirings and gas lines on good shape

Be sure to install electrical wirings all over your building properly. It should not get in contact with water, such as wires running through the ceiling. Moreover, inspect your office wiring every now and then, and fix any uncertainties immediately. Such problems could include sagging or ripped off wire covering, cut-off wires and dangling wires.

Next, be sure to keep an eye on your gas lines, regardless if its for the kitchen or other purposes. In fact, fire prevention experts, such as those from, note that gas leaks are one of the main cause of fires. If you notice any gas odours, for example, call your maintenance team and have it fixed immediately.

Install proper fire exits

Be sure to install one or few fire exits in your establishment. Position it on easily accessible areas, and keep its stairs in good shape. It’s also best to plan proper exit routes all over your property, so people can reach the nearest fire exits safely.

Install sufficient alarms

Various types of alarms can improve the fire safety of an establishment. One of the most popular is a smoke detector and alarm, which can alert you with the presence of smoke and fire. Be sure, however, to test your smoke alarms every month and change its batteries yearly. That assures your device is working fine on dire instances.

Don’t miss fire extinguishers

Finally, any companies wouldn’t pass a fire safety inspection without fire extinguishers. This is for you or anyone in your office to put off the fire, or at least, slow down its progression. Buy fire extinguishers with around 5 to 10 years lifespan, and be sure to place it on easily accessible spots.

Keep these important points in mind as you plan for your company building construction or renovation. This can keep you and your employees safe from fire and can keep your business from burning down as well. And if you need expert advice on how to implement these points, connect with right away!