Choosing the Perfect Gelato Freezer for your Outlet

Most people especially children, can’t resist the sweetness and smoothness of gelato in any season. Because of this reason, restaurants and ice cream and gelato shops make sure that they purchase the right gelato freezer for sale anywhere in Australia.

Actually, ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt, and sorbet are four different products based on the process and the primary ingredients they are made of. However, these all need a properly functioning freezer to maintain their freshness, texture, and flavor.

gelato freezer for sale

Types of Display Freezer

There are several cheap fridges for sale Brisbane wide which you can use for your food business. But, ice cream freezer is one crucial equipment for your ice cream or gelato business because it requires impartial functionality to retain the quality of your gelato. Make sure that you know the different types of ice cream display freezers as these are crucial in marketing your products.

  • Gelato and Ice cream dipping cabinets

Usually in glass top display, gelato and ice cream dipping cabinets are designed with multiple shelves to hold a variety of flavours. They can also hold a high volume of ice cream containers with extra storage spaces for unopened containers. They are also insulated to keep these frozen products chilled and hard.

  • Glass-top display freezers

Unlike an ice cream or gelato dipping cabinet, a glass-top display freezer has either a curved, flat, or flat lid to give easy access to customers. It is designed with double glass doors to retain the coldness.

  • Commercial chest freezers

Commercial chest freezers are built as a storage for several frozen goods. In the ice cream and gelato business, chest freezers, unlike a gelato freezer for sale are perfect for bulk storage whilst insulated to prevent the cold from escaping. However, the former don’t have the transparent glass top for customer’s accessibility.

  • Ice cream hardening cabinets

Ice cream hardening cabinets are designed to store ice cream for a finishing cold touch whilst they are not on sale.Aside from this type of freezer, you must also look for an Ice machine for sale Perth and Australia-wide to complete your ice cream making business.

  • Drop-in freezers

Unlike ice cream display freezers and dipping cabinets, drop-in freezers allow your customers to pay and get their desired ice cream flavor right at the counter, where these types of freezer are usually placed. Drop-in freezers are usually used for storing popsicles, ice cream sandwiches, and other solo-packed frozen treats.

Smart Tips when buying Gelato or Ice Cream Freezers

Finding a gelato freezer for sale may sound an easy task, but it’s not. Whether you want to start a new ice cream business, or add a new fridge for your restaurant, or simply have a personal gelato freezer at home, knowing the practical to-dos is essential.

  • Firstly, look for the most affordable gelato machine but with proven customer satisfaction record to maximise your budget.
  • Select the most enticing design and the one which is perfect for your business theme as well as your prospected location in the store.
  • If possible, avoid machines and freezers with sharp edges for safety purposes.
  • Check parts and materials used especially those who might touch the products.
  • For cleaning purposes, choose those machines with parts that are easy to clean.
  • If possible, use digitally operated machines for convenience and efficiency.

If you are not sure of what gelato freezer or fridge sale to choose, you can visit Cold Display Solutions to have the option of renting and testing one unit.

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